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Business Meeting

Price To Win Strategy

With over 15 years of experience providing profitable solutions and overall strategic direction for price to win proposals valued between $10M and $25B, we strive to help small to mid sized companies with the delicate balance of maximizing profitability while maintaining price reasonableness.  We work closely with your proposal team every step of the way to ensure total alignment.  Our proven 10-Step Methodology provides seamless execution while mitigating risks.

We provide a complete suite of services from Total Cost Proposal Development and Strategic Fee & ROS Analysis, to Competitor SWOT Debriefs and Predictive Modeling to measure win probability and more.

Our goal is to ensure our clients have sound financial strategies, are educated about the price to win process, and are well equipped to compete in the Government RFP arena.


Category Strategy & Development

As Thought Leaders and Innovators in the Category Management field, we can help your team elevate themselves from Analysts to Strategists.  We believe the best Strategists add substantial value when they are well versed in not only Category Management but Sales and Influence.  It is at this point that a true synergy emerges and category managers transform to become trusted "go to" advisors that impact the overall business. 


We work with your team to understand how to look beyond the data; to move from data mining to insight discovery, then how to take that discovery and develop influential sales presentations and "win-win" solutions. 

We offer several modules of service. From training your team on the basics of visual score-carding and insight discovery, to thought leadership, persuasive sales and storytelling presentations, predictive modeling and more.  From virtual workshops to 1:1 coaching, we offer a variety of options to serve your needs.

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